NATM Means Safety

NATM Means Safety


NATM is the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

Haul Supply only carries NATM compliant trailers.  This is for your safety and the

safety of those on the road with you and your trailer.

Why should you only purchase a trailer which is Verified Compliant with NATM?

Here are 4 GREAT Reasons:

      1. Brakes and Tires: NATM compliant trailers have rigorous brake and tire standards including emergency breakaway braking system and a battery capable of engaging brakes for 15 minutes minimum. 

      2. Proper Lights: NATM compliant trailers have all required lighting properly installed.

      3. Proper Documentation: NATM compliant trailers document all the details including VIN, Licensed Dealer, axle capacity, coupler capacity and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). 

  1. Reflective Tape: For trailers above 10k GVWR and over 80” wide.


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